Yacon syrup – My opinion?

So today we have been covering a lot on supplements and their overall affect on ones health. Supplements seem to be the huge rage today, and one particular health and weight loss related one that keeps coming up is yacon syrup. Or yakon syrup, however you spell it or pronounce it, this has become very popular on the internet.

Websites such as where to buy yacon syrup, provide a quick and easy rundown on where to purchase yacon and what it exactly is. However are these just marketing sites designed to sell the product? Or are they actually providing us with a product that will help with our health and/or weight loss related goals?

So yacon syrup is basically an extract from a root (yacon plant). It is meant to help with a range of digestive issues and overall health. However to cut to the chase, the main reason this product is popping up all over the internet is because of claims that it can significantly reduce ones appetite if it is taken daily.  A clinical study (link here) shows that it does have beneficial health impacts.

My take?

Whilst there is a lack of studies on it, so far there is enough evidence (in my opinon) to show that yacon syrup is of benefit. Hoewever the problem comes into play when people are basing their whole diet plan around one product.

Things like yacon syrup may help, but in all these studies of people taking yacon syrup and losing weight, what else were they doing to lose weight whilst taking yacon? The studies assume that the participants diet and activity level remained the same.

So is yacon syrup a scam and should I purchase it?

The short answer to this is, no it is not a scam & no you should not purchase it.  Studies show it will help with weight loss, but given the price and the results you can achieve from other methods, it is not worth the trouble.

Let alone the fact that there is many sub standard yacon products on the market. You are better off putting your time into other things than finding the right yacon syrup.

You do not lose weight by taking a supplement or extract such as yacon syrup alone. You lose weight by a whole range of things, yacon syrup is just one beneficial product to do so. However given the cost, e.g. $80 plus for a small bottle? I honestly don’t think the product is worth it.

People are acting as if you can have a poor diet, not change anything, and just add yacon syrup in and see great benefits. Well, ok, you may well lose a little bit of weight. But taking a supplement to lose weight to compensate for your unhealthy lifestyle is not the right approach.

There is many tried and proven methods such as calorie counting & consuming low GI foods that not only help you lose weight, but change your lifestyle for the better.

If you have have the money and can afford to add yacon syrup to your diet then by all means go for it. As I said, I don’t dispute that it does work, however there is a million other healthy way s to lose weight. Focus your energy into improving your lifestyle and diet first. Then if you absolutely must add a product like yacon syrup, well go for out.

Otherwise, save your cash and change your diet and lifestyle. Don’t rely on a supplement to do the work for you.


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Fasting Blood Glucose Levels

Fasting blood glucose levels is an important topic to understand.  Glucose a major source of energy for nearly all the cells in the bodies blood. Cars are obviously found in a variety of foods and it is these carbs that get turned into glucose. This therefore affecting your glucose level in your body.

We perform this test by just doing a simple blood test. From this alone we can then determine the amount of sugar glucose in the blood. Generally you will be advised to not eat or drink for the eight hours prior to the test. Your activity level and any foods consumed before the test will affect the results.

Fasting Blood Glucose – why do we perform the test?

Why do we preform the test? Fasting blood glucose level test may be required if you are a patient with certain symptoms and the doctor wants to confirm something. It is often used when someone is experiencing fainting or similar symptoms. It may be used to help diagnose other medical issues such as diabetes.

High results may suggest that a patient may have diabetes or other issues, Where as lower than normal results could be caused by a rang of thigns. Including: too much insulin, poor or too little food or more complicated issues such as an underactive thyroid issue.

It is important to remember that certain drugs or stresses in ones life can lead to abnormal results. Your doctor will obviously discuss these issues with yourself.

Note, this is just a sample page of information from one students assignment. Please contact a medical professional for any advice, this information is intended to be for education only.

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Dandruff & the amount of crap info on it!

Ok, so something that really annoys me is all the crappy and pitchy websites, adverts and just general “information” with ulterior motives around dandruff and how to get rid of it.

No! You do not need 50 different expensive bottles of shampoo to get rid of dandruff!

So I am just a student, and I don’t claim to be any kind of expert on the subject. However I have had a mild case of dandruff before, and for most people, resolving the issue is not rocket science!

Yet as I look around the internet, the amount of sites that over complicate the issue just so they can get you into buying a certain product or the next “how to get rid of dandruff” e-book astounds me!

Let me break it down for you guys! Unless you are in the 5% of unlucky people who have a serious skin issue or problem with severe dry skin, then you can easily fix dandruff by following just easy no brainier steps.

There is a million professional and crazy websites over complicating the issue in the hope you will purchase something of them. The truth is, there is no magic shampoo and there is no magic secret.

Just reading over the stupidly silly tips on www.howtogetridofdandrufftips.com is all you need! This website sets out four basic steps on how to resolve the issue. And guess what, none of them involve buying some ridiculous priced shampoo. Yeah you need to buy shampoo, buy it doesn’t have to be more than $15 – $20 bucks.

Yet you take a look at some of the so called “expert” sites and it is clear they are just working with certain hair care brands to market their product.

So courtesy of howtogetridofdandrufftips, and also courtesy of my simple students brain…if you have an issue with dandruff, here is what you need to do!

1. Buy anti dandruff shampoo

2. Use conditioner as some dandruff shampoos whilst fixing the issue, also kind of create the issue by having chemicals that dry your scalp! So use conditioner to combat this!

3. If you are not seeing a dramatic reduction in dandruff after a few weeks of doing steps 1 & 2 then buy a shampoo that contains ketoconazole (google this if you need more info).

4. If steps 1,2 and 3 have not worked, go see a doctor!

I had what I would call a moderate case of dandruff, steps 1 & 2 greatly reduced it. And step 3 killed it!

Now these scammy sites and adverts often will say you need to know the “secret home remedy” or trick. Well the secret is that there is no secret. A doctor will be able to advise on any home remedies that will work. They will also be able to prescribe the right sort of stuff if your issue really is that bad. So if you have no luck after step 4, stop looking around the internet and wasting money. Go and see a doctor to fix your dandruff and get rid of it for good!

Whatever you do, do not over complicate things!

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